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Kunming Radio FM95.4

27 Dec

I used to live in Kunming before moving to Hong Kong, so I enjoy listening to a Kunming based radio station that streams over the net in high quality:,12714.html

Besides the moderators speaking quite standard 普通话, it is often funny to hear people calling in and speaking 昆明话 dialect. Even ads are sometimes in a distinct local dialect.


TV Series I am currently watching

24 Dec Wedding

The new trend in China – marriage without car, house, money.


kenting2 Wayward Kenting

Wayward Kenting

Life near the southern tip of Taiwan – a surfers paradise.

Mico, Go!

Shao Xuan lost her vision after an accident and has to adopt to he new world.

About this Blog

24 Dec

I will discuss my journey to mandarin fluency on this blog. I am not the typical student you want to hear about, who goes from zero to fluency in less than two years. I was living in mainland china for more than 5 years and recently moved to Hong Kong. The embarrassing part: I am not yet fluent in mandarin chinese and I am illiterate. I am able to comfortably speak about everyday stuff without problems but not really about philosophy, special topics etc. I know less than 500 characters and can only read a restaurant menu and street signs.

I finally want to reach fluency and become literate. I start this journey with the help of AJATT SinoSpoon and will blog about my progress and resources here.